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 a stylish take on a reusable idea



ONEBag for Produce

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What's the point of using ONEBag?

I designed ONEBag to be ridiculously cute, incredibly functional, long-lasting and the best reusable shopping bags option available! In all seriousness as a mother of 5, I know single-use plastic bags are incredibly convenient as long I don't have to think about how wasteful I'm being. I don't consider myself a hardcore environmentalist, but I know that doing ONE thing like replacing plastic bags is the least I can do to be a good steward of my home and my planet. Oh, and I love taking these shopping! They get so many complements; I feel great using them!

So what exactly is ONEBag (cloth, waterproof lining, mesh and sustainability)?

Currently I make four varieties each with customizable fabric options: ONEBag for Produce came first. Fabric, mesh, waterproof lining, and rope (simple, right?) ONEBag for Pets was born in an aisle of a fabric store. Fabric, waterproof lining and rope ideal for bulk treat shopping) ONEBag for Bulk may be our favorite Fabric and ribbon: These won't rip or spill (we've tested it) ONEBag for Snacks are budget savers Fabric, waterproof lining, velcro. They've been a staple in our children's lunch boxes for years.

Just like your favorite coffee mug, we want you to love your ONEBag

We believe reusable living should get you excited and motivated to go green! You should have reusable bags that are fun, stylish and cute and match your personality. Plastic-free should be a lifestyle you're proud to show off. Even if it's your first zero-waste step toward sustainable living, it should be celebrated. We don't consider ourselves environmentalists; we simply believe we can be better stewards of this planet! We believe reusable is a lifestyle that takes support, planning and encouragement. That's why we created ONEBag.




"The average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year." www.biologicaldiversity.org

Meet the Designer

What can you fit in ONEBag?

If you're new to the plastic-free/zero-waste lifestyle, Watch this video to see how we pack our 12" x 15" ONEBAG 

Going Plastic-free

The ONEBag Origin Story​

...going plastic-free or less has proved to be a challenge, it will take a system, it will take support, it will take a plan of action. We are one of the hundreds of products that can help you do one thing for the environment and conservation. Attached to those products are thousands of people who have years of knowledge, advice, and products that can support you as you build your own plan.


a produce bag too cute to forget at home...

The ONEBag produce sack design is seriously something special! Designed to be a functional, durable, plastic replacement with a level of cute just below "squealing in public."

Kelly loved the mesh produce bags but they tend to wear out, the seams damaged delicate produce, and she would forget to take them to the store. 
She thought, "Why not make something more protective and oh yeah, ridiculously CUTE?" Kelly created a 9"x12" and 12"x15" ONEBag versions to carry a variety of different fruits and veggies.

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