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The Designer

Kelly specializes in sewing dynamic, eco-friendly, creations and her ONEbag for produce design is seriously something special!


She designed ONEBag to be a functional, durable, plastic replacement with a level of cute just below "squealing in public."

She loved the mesh produce bags but they tend to wear out, the seams damaged delicate produce, and they were easy to forget at home.

Kelly thought, "Why not make something more protective and oh yeah, ridiculously CUTE?" She created a 9"x12" and 12"x15" ONEBag versions to carry a variety of different fruits and veggies.


ONEBag is

- waterproof-lined to preserve the fabric

- sewn with seams on the sides so produce isn't pressed against it at the bottom.

- labeled with a TARE weight so the cashiers can adjust the scale before weighing.

-cinched to avoid spills.

-nearly impossible to leave at home because you'll want to take a bag this cute shopping with you!

-made to stands out in the produce section, at the market, and anywhere else you go.

-ONEBag is a fantastic gift for that trendy but conscientious friend, coworker, or relative.

Kelly views responsible as trendy and something to be celebrated. Doing your #ONEthing for our planet should be an eye-catching reward! This is the bag you and your produce deserves because "reusable is a lifestyle and responsible is trendy!"

The Storyteller

Chris originally formed the creative as a multimedia production group with a focus on serving small businesses and startups.


Having the chance to manage Kelly's ONEBag marketing plan has been an absolute joy!


"Marketing the ONEBag is easily the most fun I've had working on a campaign, and YES, I am obligated to say so!

But seriously, it doesn't take a genius to see how innovated Kelly is. Having the opportunity to brag to all of you about her is something I am thrilled to do."


Kelly and Chris met while working at a grocery store in 2005. Five awesome kids and ten years of marriage later, they are still each other's biggest fans.




We're in it for the relationships. Join us!


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